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AWD vs 4WD

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Four seasons of sometimes extreme driving weather means the question of AWD vs 4WD often is asked here at the leading used car dealership in Eastern Canada. Our wide selection of used cars, pickups, SUVs, and minivans include many models with either AWD or 4WD. The following will help you to learn more about each drivetrain. Then you can view our full used inventory lineup today and apply for pre-approved financing on an AWD or 4WD vehicle.

What is AWD and what are the benefits?

When comparing all-wheel-drive AWD and four-wheel-drive 4WD, it helps to know how each drivetrain works. An AWD drivetrain powers all four wheels at all times and often is referred to as a full-time AWD system. A secondary type referred to as a part-time AWD system spends most of the time operating in front-wheel drive and adds rear-wheel drive when traction control detects slick road surfaces. Various differentials, viscous couplings, or clutches provide generally equal power to each drive wheel while optimizing power distribution.

What is 4WD and what are the benefits?

The all-wheel-drive vs four-wheel-drive decision often comes down to how much off-roading you intend to do. The system uses a series of front, center, and rear differentials to power two or four wheels as the driver chooses by using either a mechanical lever mounted to the floor or pressing a button on the dash. Some systems are full-time 4WD while others are part-time and might include a low setting for handling especially tough terrain and driving conditions. A 4WD system is more rugged than an AWD and does a better job of handling large wheel and tire combinations with high ground clearance. Greater durability for off-roading and work trucks is the greatest benefit of 4WD systems.

What's better during snow season: AWD or 4WD?

Either system will prove especially useful during snowy weather. Those that give the option of two-wheel drive when the roads are dry generally will give you better fuel economy. You still enjoy the peace of mind knowing more drive power is available for especially bad weather and driving conditions. A 4WD with a creeper gear for very low speed operation can help pull trailers and haul heavy loads in all kinds of weather.

Test Drives Help to Decide AWD vs 4WD

Ultimately, the best way to learn and choose the right drivetrain is to contact us to test drive an AWD or 4WD vehicle. You can travel similar roadways and driving conditions to better learn which one has specific benefits that better suit your driving needs. Many find AWD the better choice for more traditional daily driving while the 4WD system works best when you want to get work done.

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