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Buy, Trade Or Sell Your Vehicle From Home With Every1Drives

Our mission is to put the customer in full control by offering an easy and transparent car buying experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by simplifying the vehicle buying process with our virtual financing options while offering you exclusive access to thousands of vehicles within our group.

Keeping things simple for our customers is a big part of how we do things. So from the comfort of your own sofa, pick your car, pick your payment + term and get your car delivered.

No showroom, no sales tactics, no mountain of paperwork.

Just you, making the right choice and having it delivered to your front door.


Our Sales Process


Tell Us What You Want


Are you looking to purchase a Car, Truck, SUV, or Mini Van? Have you found a vehicle already? Are you looking to finance this vehicle or would you prefer a cash sale? Tell us what you are looking for and give us a budget to work with and we will begin sourcing vehicle options that will fit will meet your requests!


Receive Photos And Videos Of Vehicles


You will also receive a detailed email outlining price and payment options available for your vehicles of choice. We also offer free test drives to your door!


Reconditioning And Delivery


Your vehicle will go through a full motor vehicle safety inspection and will be professionally buffed and detailed and then delivered directly to your home.


Special Vehicle Financing


Selling your vehicle and your buyer needs financing? In the market for a vehicle but unsure what vehicle would best suit your lifestyle? Found a vehicle online and need financing to purchase it? Well you came to the right place we can assist you with just about every scenario whether you are looking to buy, trade or sell your next vehicle.


Smart Selling Program:


Looking to sell your vehicle? We have partners in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland! We will list your vehicle for free while marketing it to consumers who are actively searching for vehicles. You can also drop your vehicle off to one of our certified dealer partner locations for an even faster sell! We handle all the paperwork, licensing and legal aspects of the sale while you receive certified bank funds for you vehicle! Let us handle your transaction for you its in our business model!

Sell your Used Vehicle in as Little as 24 Hours with Every1Drives


When you sell your used car privately, you're looking for the best price possible. You think you may have more control over the process when you handle the sale on your own. But there are a few things to consider; are you a good salesperson? Is your used car in good condition? Would you and could you offer a warranty? How much time can you commit to finding a buyer? How will you advertise the sale of your used car?


Selling your car can become a complicated process, especially for private buyers and sellers. Handling your own car sale will tack on added responsibility, time, and effort to your current day to day life.

Why you may want to Consider selling your vehicle with us?


We can handle all the required contractual and legal processes when selling your vehicle. When selling privately, you will have to handle the legal responsibilities yourself, which can make you potentially liable if something goes wrong with the transaction. Our staff at Every1Drives are extremely knowledgeable in the automotive industry and can take that responsibility off your shoulders while ensuring you get the price your vehicle deserves. Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles In Eastern Canada is our business let us handle it for you!


Simply tell us more about your vehicle including the Make, Model, Year, Mileage, with a brief description, and a dedicated Every1Drives team member will help you! While your browsing our site be sure to check out our inventory of used cars for sale in all Eastern Canada for your next car.

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