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Trade-In Appraisal

How to Calculate the Trade-in Value of Your Car in Eastern Canada

When a car owner wants to get rid of the car, probably to get a new one, its crucial to know what steps to take to get the best value in the market. Working with a car dealer is the best and simplest option to trade the car. The first step is to know the worth of the vehicle. That's what will guide the car owner in making suitable choices when purchasing the next car.

Getting the best dealer across Eastern Canada can be tricky sometimes, that's why we promise our clients for the best services. We are the leading pre-owned car dealers in Eastern Canada. We offer innovative trade-in tools online, and we take pride in providing quality services to our clients and ensure that our customers get value for the cars.

What Is Trade-In Value And How Do I Prepare My Car For A Trade-In?

The trade-in value is the total sum of the car that the owner gets after selling the vehicle. It's the dealer's sale price, although it can be negotiable.

When planning to take the car for dealer trade-in, there're things that the car owner needs to do to prepare the car for a trade-in.

  • Clean the car interior and exterior- Wash the exterior and add a topcoat. Clear the interior part by removing personal items and vacuum it.
  • Fix all damaged parts- Ensure that every part of the car is functional. Fix the lights if need be, and every part that needs to be changed. In case the car needs serious work, the dealer can fix it, but that will decrease the trade-in value.
  • Get the documents ready- Gather all car details such as the title, including the registration details, service record, and all essential information that may be needed.
  • Gather the extras- Assemble all extra keys and other car accessories such as DVD, SD, and every other item.
  • Inspect the car- Check out for anything that could not be right with the car, such as exterior dents and dungs. Do test drives and take note of any malfunctions.

How Do I Calculate The Trade-In Value Of My Car In Eastern Canada?

Once you've prepared the car for sale, you'll need to establish the trade-in value before handing over the dealer. The best way to get the estimate is by using a trade-in valuation tool. What you get as the estimated value will be a guide when negotiating with the car dealer.

How Do Car Dealers Determine Trade-In Value In Canada?

Car Dealers have various assessment online tools to determine the trade-in value of the car. Each dealer has various options and goals to achieve, making the trade-in value differ from one dealership to another. It could be surprising that one car has a price variance from different dealers.

We assess the car and consider various factors to ensure that we give car owners enough to let the car off the market by offering a reasonable profit margin.

What Are The Benefits Of Trading In My Car?

Trading a car is much more valuable than selling it independently online. There are associated benefits for why many car owners choose to work with a dealer. It's not only a matter of convenience but also numerous advantages.

    • Hassle-free - Selling a car is not an easy thing to do. Even though there are many potential buyers in the market, most car owners wouldn't know the best way to go. It ends up taking a lot more time and, at the same time, risking selling the car at a much lower price. That's why working with a dealer becomes a hustle free process than selling it independently online.
    • Better Value- The experience that car dealers have makes car owners get better value for the car. When trading with a dealer, car owners are advantaged to use the vehicle's value as a down payment for a car purchase. The dealers also negotiate with buyers to get the best value for the car.

Get the Best Trade-in Deal in Eastern Canada

Trusting a trade-in with us is the first step to getting the best value in the market. We get the car out of the market within the shortest time possible to allow our clients to make the next decision of purchasing a new vehicle. We ensure to deliver as promised and help our clients to achieve the best outcome. Contact us today for a quick and smooth sale.