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Rain Sensing Wipers Technology

2021 Rav4 Comes with Rain Sensing Wipers

Rain Sensing Wipers in Eastern Canada

Looking for a leading used car dealership in Eastern Canada? If yes, contact our customer support team to get the best deals on used cars and auto accessories. We are a reputable dealership that specializes in all pre-owned vehicles for sale. Our cars feature the latest technologies in the motor vehicle industry, including automatic wipers with rain sensing technology.

If you are looking for rain-sensing wipers in Eastern Canada, just contact our customer representatives to get top deals. Besides having a wide range of products, we also extend financing services to our customers. As such, contact our customer support team today to inquire about our online finance application. They will guide you on how to apply and ensure your car financing application is approved. They will also tell you more about vehicles that offer rain-sensing wipers. From our site, you can also view our full used vehicle lineup online today.

How do rain-sensing wipers work?

Rain-sensing windshield wipers are designed to offer car owners a convenient and automatic method of clearing their windshield during foul weather. Rain-sensing wipers use an electronic module near the windscreen that acts as the system's brain. The control module has light-emitting diodes (LED) that produce infrared light. When the glass is clear, the light is reflected in the windscreen so that the sensors can detect it. If there are water droplets, the infrared light passes through them, thus reducing the amount of the light received back by the sensors. If the reflected light is intense, it produces more voltage in the electronic module. The electronic module works to activate the wiper motor if the voltage generated is less (light reflected is small). As a result, the degree of wetness on the windscreen determines the time of activation of the wipers and their speed.

How does the rain-sensing wiper technology benefit me?

Many drivers maintain that rain-sensing wipers minimize the driver's fatigue since he or she does not have to activate and disable the wipers whenever necessary. As such, the technology allows the driver to focus on the road during a storm and not to worry about the wipers. This is because the auto wipers feature onboard computers that ensure your windscreen is cleared immediately regardless of the rain's intensity.

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