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How to Sell a Car

How to sell a ca

Things You Need to Know When Selling Your Car

Selling your vehicle can be a nervous experience for anyone. What's the right price to sell the vehicle for? Should you sell it to a dealership via a trade-in or privately using a classified listings website? Should you repair the vehicle before you sell it? There are several other questions you may be asking yourself. Luckily, at Every 1 Drives, our mission is to ensure all Canadians in Eastern Canada are informed about the best practices involved in selling your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is an SUV in Ontario, a truck in Quebec, or a sedan in Atlantic Canada, the trick to selling your vehicle for the highest price possible is about being meticulous with details. At Every 1 Drives, it's our mission to ensure you're informed so you can make the right choice. As the trusted pre-owned dealership for Eastern Canada, our customers prefer to trade-in their vehicle with us because we offer the latest innovative online tools that are also the most accurate tools found in the nation. Here are some things you'll want to consider:

Exterior Fixes

Many vehicles have minor scrapes, bumps or perhaps need a good wash. The art of selling is all about presentability. Take time to wash your car, including the engine compartment thoroughly, and be sure to check your vehicle for scrapes, marks, bumps, and more. Often, small fixes and minor repainting of the vehicle where needed to remove a scratch will improve the buyer's value in the eyes of the buyer.

Interior Cleanliness Matters

We all know inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty. Take the time to clean the inside of your vehicle. Wash the carpets, remove clutter and even spend a few dollars on professional detailing, we're certain your old vehicle will look new in no time, and this will improve the value of the vehicle once more.

Use Online Tools to Value Your Vehicle

Utilize online tools like our free online trade-in tool which will provide you with an accurate estimate of the value of your vehicle based on factors including the popularity of the vehicle make, model, year, odometer reading and overall condition of the vehicle among a host of other factors. Using our free online tool, you'll be one step closer to knowing your vehicle's true value in the current market.

Repairs and Certification

If you're really looking to get the best value for your vehicle, be sure to fix any repairs that are required to help promote the value of the vehicle. Simple wear and tear fixes, including brake pads, callipers, tires, and more, can increase the vehicle's value prior to the sale. Getting your vehicle inspection completed by a reputable dealership or mechanic will help you sell the vehicle faster as the buyer will know that the vehicle has been authorized for use in accordance with the Ministry of Transportations regulations.

Paperwork Matters

Drivers often visit their neighbourhood mechanic or local dealership and have a tendency to throw out their service receipts or documentation. Keeping your paperwork in an organized manner and presenting the maintenance schedules and repairs of the vehicle will help the buyer understand that the vehicle has been serviced on time as needed. As a result, it will further entice them to purchase it from you.

At Every 1 Drives, we encourage our valued customers throughout Eastern Canada to utilize our state-of-the-art and innovative online href="/trade-appraisal/">trade-in appraisal tool. Get started today and contact us if you have any questions about your vehicle's market value.